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Max. Plasma concentration: after 1-2 hours

Half-life: 12-15 hours

Bioavailability: 80-90%

Onset of action: after 20-30 minutes one-time use

Duration of action: approx. 4-6 hours (immediate release of active substance) / approx. 12-14 hours (delayed release of active substance)

These values ​​are to be regarded as average values. Depending on age, food intake and the combination with other medications, these values ​​may vary (sometimes greatly).

Alprazolam was developed in the 1970s by the company Upjohn (today Pfizer). The market launch in Europe took place at the beginning of the 1980s. Alprazolam is the most widely prescribed benzodiazepine in the US. In Europe it is used less frequently (but still frequently).

Alprazolam is a drug from the group of benzodiazepines and is marketed under the trade names Xanax, Xanor and Tafil. Generic drugs are also available. It is approved for the treatment of all forms of anxiety disorders (including panic attacks) from the age of 18 years. In Germany, the indication was additionally extended to states of excitement and tension, but is rarely used in this regard. In general, the other benzodiazepine-typical effects (sedation, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, etc.) are comparatively weak in alprazolam.

Leading a vehicle or operating machinery is extremely dangerous under the influence of alprazolam! Alprazolam - like all benzodiazepines - should never be taken with alcohol.

The drug binds to GABA receptors in the brain. GABA is the messenger substance that is responsible for the reassurance of man. Benzodiazepines rarely cause paradox reactions (anxiety, insomnia, etc.), especially in the elderly.

Alprazolam - like all benzodiazepines - after a short and regular duration of use (after about 4-8 weeks) even in the dosage prescribed by the doctor difficult physically and mentally dependent. In addition, there is a relatively rapid development of tolerance (habituation effect / loss of effect), which makes the intake of higher doses necessary.

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